Memory Stone
2015 - 2017

A vinyl on the wall reads: "Exhale. Your breath can be part of this stone's memory." As visitor's approach a large wooden chest a grid of di users invites them to make a donation. One by one, they place a diffuser into a recipient containing the artist's bodily composition of fat, carbon and water. Then, they breathe.

Breath upon breath, each layer becomes a receptacle embedding an ephemeral process like breathing individually and permanently within the limestone. The stone was then printed continuously, using a traditional printmaking technique called lithography, until a corresponding set of 50 prints revealed the breaths captured in the collection process.

Memory Stone invites the audience not only to adopt an active role in experiencing the work by witnessing every step involved in the process of making this work but also to have a key role in the construction of the work itself. Those that breathed upon the stone determined the shape, intensity and placement of their breath. In this way, a narrative is threaded where the ephemeral traces that are left behind such vital processes for living, like breathing, are interweaved with the robust nature of a stone.

Thank you to J. Yuen Ling Chiu for her insight into lithography, to Katherine Van Uytrecht for capturing and revealing the breaths and to MU Artspace for commissioning the prints.

Memory Stone being displayed on a plinth in Somerset House, London
The printed breaths from memory stone displayed at MU The printed breaths from memory stone displayed at MU Detailed close up of a printed breath