Spit Crystals
2015 - Ongoing

Our bodies produce between 0.75 and 1.5 litres of saliva a day and, whilst 99.5% of this clear and odourless fluid is water, the remaining 0.5% provides an incredible insight into who we are, by providing a complex, biological fingerprint. This impressive substance is anti-fungal, anti-viral, coats tissue, buffers between environments and aids in digestion and mineralization.

In your teeth, in your bones, in your muscles and even inside your mobile phone. In almost every solid object around, crystals are everywhere. And, whilst geometry is usually associated to a human construct most of the things that surround us crystallise in a perfectly ordered and geometric shape. After working with salivary researchers and expert crystallographers based at King's College London a perfectly ordered crystal was grown from saliva. Spit Crystals is a quest to crystallise all the minerals present in saliva.

Special thanks for their dedication to expert crystallographers: Brian Sutton & Alkistis Mitropoulous & salivary researchers: Jack Houghton, Matthew Blakeley & Lucy Blandford based at King's College London. Thank you Science Gallery London for commissioning the first crystal.

Spit Crystal being exhibited at MU
The Spit Crystal attached to a loop The diffraction pattern that resulted whilst testing the crystal